Make New Mexico a Democracy

Preliminary web site 2018-January-01,
concomitant upon voters' approval and legislative compliance.


  • How to Make New Mexico the First Democratic State in the Union.

  • All USA citizens resident in New Mexico will be allowed to vote.
  • All USA citizens resident in New Mexico will be automatically registered to vote.
  • All USA citizens resident in New Mexico may vote at any polling place in the state, not limited to an assigned location where they must vote.
  • Work with Chapter Houses to expand voting access on American Indian reservations.
  • Make the state actively collect the votes of people who cannot go to polling places; have state elections employees visit reservations, "shut ins," and other communities to collect votes.
  • Change voting period from one day to three days; make the second day a state holiday so that people are free to vote at balloting locations. This will require amending the state constitution.
  • Petition New Mexico residents to amend the state's constitution to end the special rights that political parties enjoy.
  • Reward public participation.


  • Good Neighbor Policy.
  • Continue, and look to expand, tax credits for pollution reduction, conservation, other social efforts by businesses.
  • Invite manufacturing businesses to New Mexico who will build renewable energy solutions.
  • Expand the power grid based upon life-saving priorities.
  • Triple the state's efforts to attract tourism, including advertising in other countries.
  • Tax credit for businesses that invest in New Mexico's efforts to improve the state's water and electricity infrastructure. Work with Chapter Houses on priorities of where water and electricity are needed.
  • Partnership with electricity utilities to switch to renewable energy; if they decline the opportunity, have the state build its own not-for-profit power grid.
  • Partnership with Tesla and similar corporations to make New Mexico a space port as well as a renewable energy world-leader.

  Climate Change

  • More About Climate Change in New Mexico

  • Mitigation efforts including federal subsidies programs for rooftop solar.
  • Examine new locations for fresh water reservoirs.
  • Expand water conservation efforts.
  • Expand public transportation where feasible.
  • Partnership with businesses and reservations to put solar on roof tops and reservations. Build a decentralized, widely-distributed power grid based on localized community-based renewable energy generation. Prioritize electricity generation locally, on reservation roof tops and land, based on tribal council requirements.
  • Partnership with the other USA Southwest states on efforts to adapt to and mitigate against human-caused climate change.
  • Make New Mexico the "Renewable Energy Capital" of the USA.

  Education is a priority

  • Head Start programs for the very young, including education materials for parents to use with their children.
  • Promote adult education for everyone, everywhere.
  • Require critical thinking skills be taught in public schools; also formal logic; also logical fallacies.
  • Tax credit or subsidy to be applied to an individual's education funding for people who put off having children until after they graduate from high school. Similar credit or subsidy for people who graduate from higher education (colleges and universities) before having children.
  • Expand vocation education in prisons, work farms, and half-way houses.
  • End the idiotic and insulting requirement for high school students to apply to a college or university to graduate.

  Health and Welfare

  • Ending Domestic Abuse and Mitigating Violence

  • Fund and expand Planned Parenthood.
  • Free contraception, and education on how to use.
  • Local peer mentor programs for drug interdiction, mental health, and violence prevention.
  • Expand participation in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  • Make helping the Bureau of Indian Affairs do its medical care job a priority.
  • Advocate for, promote, and work towards a state and a national health care system, abolishing "health care insurance."
  • Tax credit for volunteer health-care and quality-of-life care givers.
  • State subsidize education for the health care profession--- doctors, nurses, support staff; in exchange the educated professional must commit to at minimum six years living in New Mexico and serving New Mexico citizens.
  • Work to make New Mexico the "health care research capitol" of the USA by incentivizing medical research organizations and businesses to locate in New Mexico.
  • Expand "well baby" programs.
  • Promote and support community food programs by, among other things, transporting excess food from growers to hungry people and thus avoid food waste.
  • Promote recycling and reuse.
  • Identify and meet the needs of the state's elderly people; the very young; the residents with differential needs.
  • Expand supplemental nutrition programs until no one in the state goes hungry;

  Public Participation

  • Internet surveys regarding what citizens require.
  • Face-to-face meetings with New Mexico residents.
  • Supply public input forms to be available in all post offices and libraries.
  • Solicit grievances from New Mexico residents.
  • When the state wants to do something, fund something, buy something, or pass laws, the state must petition the residents for permission, not the other way around.
  • Expand community-based law enforcement.
  • Promote the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the United States Constitution.
  • Promote participation in the state's militia.
  • Promote public protests and demonstrations.

  Cannabis legalization, taxation, regulation

  • Recreational use for all adults age 23 years and older. (Note: not 21 years.)
  • Clemency for convictions of personal use cannabis possession.
  • "Earmark" a significant portion of taxes generated from cannabis sales towards prevention of domestic violence; also fund alcohol use mitigation, tobacco use mitigation, and other drug interdiction programs. Programs must include mentoring, and also be peer-based and localized at the community level.
  • Supply prisoners with cannabis with the goal of decreasing incarceration violence.

  State Corruption

  • This web page states the problem and suggested solutions.

  • Every "high level" political body in New Mexico should have an ethics committee;
  • Every ethics committee should have legal powers to correct the unethical behavior of public servants;
  • Law enforcement should have funding to enforce laws against corruption.
  • A law must be passed in New Mexico mandating Internet Neutrality.


  • Plant millions of drought tolerant, robust, adaptable trees that can thrive in the anomalously warming, anomalously drying climate.
  • Protect the water supply from industry.
  • Expand and protect the public's ownership of land: wilderness areas, parks, forests, and monuments.

  Some of my goals as governor

  • Every New Mexico resident has access to health care services, and receives health care services;
  • Every New Mexico resident has an education;
  • Every New Mexico resident has a voice in how the government operates;
  • Create an independent ethics commission for all state political institutions, including but not limited to the legislature and the senate.
  • End all state pensions for politicians convicted of corruption.
  • Increase political lobbying disclosures to 100% transparency. That includes all names, all sums of money and/or other forms of wealth.
  • Increase state literacy to 100%;
  • Decrease infant mortality rate to 0%;
  • Decrease obesity to 0%;
  • Decrease diabetes to 0%;
  • Decrease the poverty rate to 0%;
  • Decrease maternal mortality rate to 0%;
  • Fund what helps people; end funding for what harms people;
  • Reduce the cost of electricity in the state to as close to zero as possible;
  • Produce enough electricity to meet every resident's needs (benchmark: ~3,000 kWh per person per year), and sell the excess to neighboring states;
  • Prepare the state for the worse effects of human-caused climate change;
  • Squeeze every penny possible out of the federal government, and every possible service and support from the federal government, to be applied to the benefit of New Mexico residents;
  • Identify long-overdue outstanding payments due the state and due American Indian reservations owed by the energy extraction industry, and collect those payments. If payments are unreasonably delayed, place liens on the delinquent debtor's property and/or confiscate their property and auction it off to cover those delinquent payments;
  • Encourage and promote labor unions.
  • Shut down all for-profit prisons in the system. If the "private prison" industry refuses to sell, buy the land their facilities are located on at "just compensation" under eminent domain and hire state residents to run them.
  • Pay prisoners at least 70% of the state's minimum wage for their labor.
  • The Department of Energy's renewable energy business loan program -- which Solyndra was part of -- is already paying for itself, and is expected to make a $5 billion to $6 billion profit. New Mexico needs to participate in this program.

  About my request for employment

I am asking the residents of New Mexico to hire me for the job of state governor. I have two motives for asking for the job:
  • I love New Mexico, and I wish to see it prosper in the present and in the future. I see very little being done to prepare the state for the future (that includes, but is not limited to, human-caused climate change we currently observe), though I accept the demonstrable fact that past governors on the whole have done the best they could do with what they had to work with. It seems to me the state can do much better economically if residents of the state themselves do better economically and socially.

  • It is my conclusion that politics and political parties exist to prevent democracy from happening. I would like to see democracy tried, here in New Mexico, and see if it works better than what we now have.
It seems to me that if people want to hire me, I do not need an expensive "political campaign" to make that happen: New Mexico residents will make it so. If New Mexicans want me as governor, I don't need television advertising to persuade voters; I don't need newspaper advertisements; I don't need "fund raisers" to be hired. If people want to hire me, they will vote for me; if people don't want me for the job, they will vote for someone else. I will not insult New Mexico residents by believing that they must some how be persuaded by vast sums of money being squandered on "political campaigns."

  Funding New Mexico

  People I admire

  • Mahātmā Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  • Barack Hussein Obama II
  • Dr. Émilie du Châtelet (physicist)
  • Annie Jump Cannon (astronomer)
  • Carl Edward Sagan
  • Isabella Baumfree (abolitionist)
  • Robert Green Ingersoll
  • Henry David Thoreau
  • Hypatia of Alexandria
  • José Doroteo Arango Arámbula (Pancho Villa)
  • Edwin Corle
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu (physicist)
  • François-Marie Arouet ("Voltaire")
  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau
  • Ken Curtis (actor and singer)
  • Dr. Michael E. Mann
  • William Willis (seaman and adventurer)
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Alice Augusta Ball (chemist)
  • Sheriff Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett
  • Edward Paul Abbey
  • Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson (physicist)
  • Mary Clarissa "Agatha" Christie, Lady Mallowan
  • Noah Lindsey Beery (actor)
  • Captain Thomas Byrne
  • Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, Aga Khan IV
  • Thomas de Quincey
  • General George Smith Patton Jr.
  • General Hannibal Barca
  • Amanda Marie Knox
  • Dr. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi (virologist)
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Thomas Paine (gave the USA its name)
  • John Brown (abolitionist)
  • Bob Hollimon (gun fighter)
David Rice for New Mexico Governor

Name: David Rice

Political Party: Independent.

Political Position: Try kindness first.

Campaign's Motto: Subvert the subversives.

Skill Set: Organizing complex systems and procedures ♦ budgeting ♦ written communication ♦ mediating conflicts ♦ seamanship ♦ singing.

Current Employment: Cowboy; writer.

Previous Employment: Information Technology (budgeting, general ledger, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, etc.) ♦ Inventory management and planning ♦ Materials planning for manufacturing ♦ Ordinary Seaman, any vessel any ocean ♦ Science communicator.

Hobbies: Southwest history ♦ Science advocacy ♦ Hiking and camping ♦ Desert environment study ♦ Wood working ♦ Karaoke.

Religion: Zen Buddhist, Zazen and Mushotoku practice.


I have grown weary of being outraged at seeing my country's citizens oppressed by the people they have hired to serve them. I would like to serve New Mexico residents with the goal of forcing our servants to behave, meet our needs, and obey our demands: they took oaths to do that in exchange for the money we gave and give to them--- yet they consistently refuse. It seems to me that what USA politics needs most at the moment is a Zen Buddhist monk to help restore some harmony in public service. A society that does not embrace and defend equality, science, reason, fairness, honesty, ethics, and reality is a doomed society.

We now live in a world where Russia's president, who was once a KGB officer, is three times more popular in the United States than the USA president. Here in the modern era the "social media" is crammed full of people who insist Earth is flat. The public schools don't teach evolution because parents object to demonstrable facts being taught in schools. Some public school books about USA history never use the word "slave." The only thing that has not changed, and will never change, is the use of slander and libel by the powerful in blaming the powerless for all social ills--- that evil behavior is as old as politics.

I accept the following convictions as self-evident:

  • Democracies do not have leaders: they have employees in public service to their employers. It is the duty of our employees in public office to either obey us or resign.

  • The second best government is one which governs least. Human behavior negates the existence of the best form of government: one that does not govern. Excluding the prevention of harm, the government should have no say in how people live.

  • The job of government is to ease suffering and facilitate the increase of each citizen's quality of life and standard of living. If governments refuse to do this, they should be dismantled--- they have no legitimate reasons to exist.

  • It is ethically indefensible for a public servant to profit beyond what is required to meet basic needs. It is ethically inexcusable for a public servant to live "finer" than the people she or he serves.

  • Excluding all harm, people should be treated they way they want to be treated--- not by how others want to treat them, not by how others want to be treated.

  • The best public servants are humble by nature, not by political expediency and not by pretence.

  • The disuse of reason in the modern world is social suicide. Control of the citizenry by using fear as a weapon against reason is social suicide. The vilification of science and critical thinking is social suicide. To maintain the existence of a functioning, compassionate, kind, and health society, reason and logic must be applied to the public service sphere which we call "politics."

  • Voter fraud is a crime; preventing a USA citizen from voting is an abomination. Given the choice, the former is a vastly lesser evil than the later.

  • It's a good idea to get politicians out of politics.

  • Public servants must have no friends and no supporters (financial and otherwise) from and within corporations, news papers, and financial institutions.

  • The governor of New Mexico should not be living in a mansion, let alone at tax-payer's expense.

  • The poor can no longer afford to subsidize the fabulously wealthy.
It seems to me that too many people have given up the hope of improving their lives, as they see themselves powerless to do so. It seems to me we need to get back to trying again. Maybe a Zen cowboy can help facilitate that process.

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