New Mexico And Domestic Violence

PRIORITY: If you are being subjected to violence, please flee the area if you can safely do so with your children (if any) and call 9-1-1. Also please consider talking to legal professionals for some of your options.

Excluding only the prevention of harm to oneself and/or other people and other animals, there are no legitimate excuses for violence. There are no legitimate excuses for law enforcement tolerating violence, let alone committing violence.

If voters hire me for the job of governor I will ask the legislature and the voters to formulate and approve of harsher penalties for people convicted of all forms of violence, and specifically domestic violence. This includes improving and promoting violence prevention and shelters for victims.

I accept the deplorable fact that domestic violence is systemic in all non-socialist countries, and that a regrettably huge number of people (mostly men [0]) are violent and harm people who they perceive (correctly or not) as weaker than they are. Domestic violence (and "bullying") is perpetrated chiefly by low-hierarchy submissive males: the solution is to empower their victims, as it is impossible to cure people who are violent.

Which brings me to my actual point: how is it possible for the tRump Regime to have so many high-profile wife-beaters and sexual predators, given the observation that in the general USA population people like that are still a very small minority? None of the boys and men I know would ever harm anyone unless absolutely necessary: only to protect life. None of the girls and women I know would tolerate being battered, abused, and/or assaulted (sexually and otherwise): their self-respect wouldn't allow it, even though I understand that power dynamics prevent many girls and women from ending and/or leaving abusive relationships.

Given the high number of deplorable males in the tRump Regime, it makes me wonder how he found so many. Is there a club for violent men that tRump belongs to, wherein he found his Regime staff? Seriously, I would like to understand how someone managed to seek out and hire so many violent, stupid, uneducated, criminals to fill the swamp he dug out for that purpose.